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Katie's Web Page! :D

My name is Katie Louise Williamson. I live in Blooming Prairie, MN. I lived in town my whole life. I am currently finishing up the 10th grade. My parents are Jason and Debbie Williamson. I like to play volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Besides those I love running. I am a distance runner in track. I run the 4x800m and 3200m. I have been quite successful this year and hope to keep improving.

School Life

I have went to Blooming Prairie schools my whole life. When I was young I was always shy, but managed to make many friends. I have, for the most part, always been a pretty good student and managed to get my work done, and continue to today. I have always hated school lunch and either bring my own lunch or just not eat at all. For school sports I am in any of the following: volleyball, basketball, track, cross country. I do not continue to play volleyball and basketball though.

Summer Life

During summer I do a lot of fun activities. When I was younger I always did all the little basketball and volleyball camps, but now I usually go on runs, hang with friends at parties, and go camping with my family. We go camping usually in Iowa, because it is really cheap compared to anywhere in Minnesota. Other activities this upcoming summer are: working at DQ and working at a catering service for money. :)




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Last Updated: May 31th, 2010

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